Basic Paperwork Plan

Found your new employee but don’t have time to handle the paperwork involved with hiring? Let us do it all for you.


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Basic Background Screening

  • Past Address History / SSN Trace National
  • Criminal Database Search & Sex Offender Registry
  • County Criminal/Other Public
  • Records (Includes all previous counties of residence/7 years)

Education/Experience Vetting

  • Vetting of experience and education pertinent to the job requirements
  • Vetting of license and certifications

Drug Screening – 12 Panel pre-placement drug screen

  • AMPMAMP-Amphetamines/Methamphetamines
  • BARBU-Barbiturates
  • BENZO – Benzodiazepines
  • BUPRENOR-Buprenorphine (suboxone)
  • CANU-Cannabis (marijuana)
  • COCAINEU-Cocaine
  • METHADON-Methadone
  • METHAQUA-Methaqualone
  • OPIATEU-Opiates
  • OXCOXM-Oxycodone/Oxymorphone
  • PHENCYC-Phencyclidine (pcp)
  • PROPOXY-Propoxyphene

Federal and Tennessee State Paperwork

  • I-9
  • State reporting
  • W-2

On-boarding Paperwork

  • All consent authorization forms
  • Completion of all specific company documents

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