Why outsource some or all HR functions?

A common question we hear is “Do I really need an HR professional?”. The short answer is yes, and we will explain why below. Human Resources deals with anything and everything that has to do with people in a company, including policies, procedures, hiring, and compensation. Whether you are looking for guidance for some of the functions or all the responsibility of human resources, Hillman HR will save you time and money.

Many businesses have internal HR departments but their role because of staffing or function may be limited. Areas that are typically handled by HR may fall through the cracks or become the responsibility of another staff member. Consulting with an outside HR professional for specific needs will allow your HR department to stay focused on mission-critical needs and for you and your staff to be able to give your business your full attention.

For small businesses, typically the owner will try to fill the role an HR professional would. They find that not only does it require a great amount of time, but their focus shifts from other priorities. Most business owners lack the knowledge needed to maintain proper paperwork, creating effective policies or proper payroll procedures. A mistake creates risk for a company and may cost them money in fines and legal expenses. This also means that the business owners are spending more time than necessary on those tasks.

With Hillman HR Services we can free up your time for you to spend it on core business needs and your HR functions will be handle by our staff who are experts in their respective fields. We can provide you with complete human resource management or complement and assist your in-house HR department.

A few of the services we offer:

Talent Acquisition/Recruitment | Compensation Management | Training and Development

A good company needs good employees, talent development is critical for a company. Many companies report losing out on tap talent because they could not compete with other companies. Part of our role will be recommending an attractive compensation package that will help attract the best candidates. Studies have shown that job candidates look at more than salary, they decide based on a package that may include health, retirement, career path, and training/education opportunities. We will screen all candidates providing you with the best candidates to move to the next stage. Once that ideal prospective employee is identified we will perform pre-employment tasks. These could include drug testing, background checks, skill testing, etc.

When the decision is made to present an offer, we will handle that as well as any negotiations. Onboarding the new staff member and training will have them ready to start contributing quickly.

Performance Appraisal and Management

Regular reviews of an employee’s performance are critical for both the employee and the employer. These reviews provide valuable feedback to the employee and coaching opportunities for the employer. Knowing how an employee performs and the value of their contribution ensures that your staff is being compensated fairly and that problems are dealt with swiftly and effectively.

Hillman HR Services can help develop performance review metrics that can be used to fairly and equitably access performance.

Employee and Labor Relations | Compliance Management

In any company where there are more than 1 or 2 employee’s personalities may clash and problems may develop that are detrimental to staff morale and the business. Knowing the right and legal way to resolve conflicts is imperative to keeping a business running smoothly and not make you vulnerable to lawsuits and fines. We will help you handle these issues, making sure policies are fair, legal, and clear, and that any actions taken are within the scope of the current laws.

Hillman HR Services can guide an employer on how to address employee issues and situations such as harassment claims, discipline, termination, and more.

Ensuring compliance includes employment and wage laws, plus federal, state, and local regulations. There may be union and industry regulations to adhere to as well which may complicate matters.  Compliance management is one of the major functions of any HR professional. Failing to comply with these rules can have serious financial consequences, Hillman HR Service can help prevent that.

Benefits Administration

Benefits are not only health insurance. Benefits include PTO, vacation and sick leave, short and long-term disability, retirement/401K packages, and other services that a business may want to offer their employees.

Other than The Families First Coronavirus Response (FFCRA) Act went into effect in April there are not any federal regulations that require a business to offer PTO, vacation, or sick time. Some state and local municipalities do have laws about this.

Understanding all facets of what a benefit package is and what is required by law can be time-consuming and opens your business up to fines and legal action. Using Hillman HR Services we will make sure the package you offer is in compliance with regulations whether federal, state, or local.

We will provide advice and direction for your business on available options and packages. During the annual benefits enrollment period, we will provide guidance and assistance to your employees to sign up for what fits their needs.

Invest in Human Resources

Outsourcing some, or even all HR functions is a proven and widely practiced concept among businesses of all sizes. As a business owner, you have plenty to worry about, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Outsourcing your HR is an investment that can help you strengthen your business and save you money in the process. Contact Hillman HR Services and talk to us about how we can help you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on your business.